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You are heartly welcome on the official website of WKUFO World Kostrov´s Universal Fisticuffs Organization - Germany Branch.
We are the German Headquarter of the WKUFO and represent the teachings and system of ukraininan grandmaster YURIY KOSTROV, who founded and created the russian KUF system, which combines COMBAT SAMBO and RUSSIAN KEMPO.
In Germany the KUF system, which consists of realistic
survival techniques of russian street combat and military close combat, is exclusively represented by FRANK SCHNEIDER of Schwerte,North-Rhine Westphalia, who is an long time traditional martial artist practitioner of modern self defense since 37 years now, who serves as sportsman, instructor, examiner and member of various systems and federations (e.g. German Karate Federation, German Dan Council,KIKA,WSCSO,WMAA-R.O.C.)
FRANK SCHNEIDER recently received proudly from the hands of KUF FOUNDER Soke YURIY KOSTROV the rank of
8th Baysa/Dan KUF (Combat Sambo/Russian Agni Kempo)
along with grandmaster title.
Frank Schneider is since many years affiliated closely with Soke Kostrov and served formerly some years as representative of the former organisations World Agni Kempo Organisation (WAKO) and International Independent Organisation of Russian Kempo (IIORK).

We look forward to receive inquiries of serious sportsmen,martial artists,clubs and organisations who are interested in our instruction-programms and
mutual collaboration.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your inquiry is mostly appreciated.

WKUFO Germany

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